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Here are 10 reasons for choosing one-to-one:

1. One-to-one is the number one choice for a personalized learning.

2. "One-to-one is essentially natural, the basic unit of our daily communication. Its essence is lack of artifice" (Peter Wilberg).

3. One-to-one makes it possible, and necessary, to go at the student's own pace. Lessons are handled according to your personality, level and learning style. 

4. In one-to-one you learn by communicating with your teacher, so you learn twice: through your teacher's teaching and through a constant flow of communication.

5. In one-to-one all teaching material is tailor-made to suit the individual; you can have customized self-access extra work.

6. In one-to-one you can plan your course and schedule with your teacher; you can take breaks any time; you can have your teacher arrange visits and trips.  

7. In one-to-one you can have a really conversation-based course. 

8. In one-to-one your expectations, wishes, tastes and preferences are constantly taken into account. Part of your teacher's job is to help you to identify your language needs.

9. In one-to-one you can learn what to do when you feel stuck or blocked from forward movement in your Italian.

10. In one-to-one you learn faster. Think: could that possibly also mean an overall cost reduction for your "Italian Project"... ?

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