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All courses are offered on an individual basis.
They can be catered for small pre-formed groups.

My Italian

This is a so called "general Italian" course. But there is really nothing "general" in it. Through a conversation-centered teaching style, you are helped to start or to improve your Italian, moving from your true interests, motivation and learning style. 
Your teacher will listen to you to get to know your linguistic and communicative needs. Then s/he will present a basic working model, which will be fitted to you, again, through a constant listening and caring. 

Business Italian

For business executives, professional people and students who already have a working knowledge of the language and who must use business Italian in real-life situations.
Before the course starts, you receive a letter and a questionnaire, so that you and your teacher begin to reflect and to sketch a possible course plan. 

Special Purposes Italian

The same as above, but focused on special communicative needs or professional purposes. Just few examples: Italian for tourism management, Italian for travelling in Italy, Italian for fashion, Italian for cookery... [price]

Single Skill Training
This course focuses on one single general language skill: reading, listening, writing, speaking, and on single special skills, eg reading literature, having conversation with Italians, understanding movies, giving presentations, writing for business or pleasure etc.

Short-stay courses are particularly suited to improve single general
or special language skills.

Italian through Content
This course offers the valuable opportunity to improve your Italian while getting to know specific aspects of Italian life and culture.
All learning materials and activities are connected with what you would like to know or know better.
Programmes are available on request, or choosing one of the following subjects: Italian
Contemporary Literature, Movies, Art, Classical Music, Modern Songs, Politics, Social Life, Food and Wine.
Some lessons can take place out of class.
Special visits, tours or events (eg going to concerts or conferences, visiting an art centre or a countryfarm) can be organized directly with your teacher.

Getting to know the local cuisine is one of the best and most enjoyable way to learn a language. Lessons are organised differently depending on the location. They can be held in a home kitchen or in a restaurant. 4 hours minimum. The course can be combined with any number of Italian lessons.
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A fresco and/or watercolour
For anyone wanting to learn to paint "a fresco" according to the technique of Florentine "maestri".
A short watercolour course in the picturesque scenery of Florentine hillside.
Art courses (1 week, 8 hours) are led by Tano Giuffrida and held only on Florence hillside (Fiesole, Settignano).
These courses can start any week from March to October and can be combined with any number of Italian lessons.



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